how much is living costs for a three persons family?
It depends on your family. For example how old your child?
How will you live? Actually you will receive
from the scholarship 9oo,ooo WON, monthly.
sometimes there is more financial support from your professor,
I think such a support is almost 300,000.
 WON monthly. A kindergarten costs almost 400,000 WON per month.

2-have students any health insurance ? is it free?
There is an Student insurance cost 35,000 WON. Such ainsurance cover you
family too. So by 35,000 WON
you can  insure your whole family.
the website of this company is I will help you
to contact this company in due
 time. Anyway, Inquiry (in English):(0082)2-390-2000.

3- if there are two options for studying with slightly different financial situation one in Europe
and other in Korea(Korea has fund)? which one do you think is better?

I cannot help you to choose, since I have not been to Europe. Moreover,
I do not know your financial
situation exactly Nevertheless, if I were you, I would go to Europe.
It seems that the life is easier
for Iranian in 
Europe than Korea, based on some fiends' experience.

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