Hello. I found your e-mail from your helpfulweblog.

I am very grateful of your kindly attention to Iranian students.
I’m just finishing my undergraduate level and want to apply for Seoul National University, KAIST, and POSTECH쟧n MSc level. Before any communication with the universities, I need your useful advice, please. According to my brief CV, do you think that I have enough eligibility to get full쟣und from one of these universities? If not, please let me know which ones쟞re suitable for me to apply.

쟋y CV:
1. GPA high school: 18.5
2. GPA BSc: 16.2
3. TA : 2 semesters ( Engineering Statistics)

4. And now I뭢 trying to offer an article from my undergraduate thesis and studying hard for TOEFL examination. I am very hopeful to the TOEFL score about 570-580

Thanks for your massage.
First of all, you have a good chance to get admission from the
universities that you mentioned there names. But KAIST is not in the
List of ministry of science of Iran yet. Although KAIST is best choice,
but if you have to do the military service in Iran, then you would be in
trouble to convince ministry of science to allow you to leave IRAN.
Therefore, I recommend you to choose SNU or POSTECH. In any case, I
strongly recommend you first to find a professor in these universities
to support you. Otherwise you would be in hard situation, even if you
could get an admission. Recently an MSc student from IRAN, had to leave
SNU, since no one accepted him as an MSC student while he was accepted
by the SNU already. So take your time, search and find a professor and
then apply. By the way, I have some friends in POSTECH, KAIST and SNU,
may help you in due course.
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